Hi, my name is Delphine, a 16-year-old from Texas (or New York. It’s complicated). This year, I am hitting a huge milestone: applying for college. As many people who have gone through this process at some point in time, I am hugely flipping out about the entire friggin’ thing, and just life at this essential yet ephemeral crux point of my relatively minute existence. (No, I am not this whimsically hipster in real life. Just in my head.)

Follow me on my journey throughout the college application process, and commiserate or reminisce on this six month process that feels like a lifetime of worrying and existential crises. Topics bound to come up are the ambivalence of leaving family behind, Top 20 Schools vs. State Schools, applying to dream schools, probably getting rejected from them, and getting accepted somewhere. Almost anything you could imagine.

I am notoriously indecisive (seriously, I study restaurant menus for thirty minutes; I typically look them up ahead to save awkward silences, side-eyes, and meek “Can you come back to me?’s”). Going through the college admissions process and the crescent of adolescence is clearly stock full of decisions- decisions that don’t come with the help of menus and Yelp reviews. All I’ve got are a brain and a heart- two rather unreliable tools in my opinion. So, I will get through all those mind-numbing decisions, with the help of this blog. Somehow, writing or talking seems to make everything make sense to me. Hopefully, this blog will be my menu- the options will unfold as I type them out.

I have definitely overstayed my About page welcome. If you’re interested about what I have to say and the journey I am along, follow me. Welcome to the road- we’ve got a long way to go.