For What It’s Worth

As I sat in patience, trembling with anxiousness, while waiting to take my SAT Subject Tests this past Saturday morning, I listened in on the conversations around me- only to be filled with a hollow feeling of contempt.

Around me, kids were complaining about their SAT Scores, their anxiety towards their multiple AP classes, their testing schedules, if their scores were high enough to get into Harvard and Yale- and honestly, I just wanted to scream.

I feel as if the focus and obsession with entrance into top colleges and universities is mind-numbing. People forgo their passions and become robots who fill out scantrons and spit out 4.0 GPAs. Am I harsh in my assessment? Yes. But am I exaggerating? Frankly, the jury is out.

What is an Ivy League diploma worth? Is it worth all that anxiety and pressure? Is it worth the sleepless nights?  Is it worth resume padding? Is it worth forgoing passions and hobbies? Is it worth it?

As I listened to these conversations, the hype of anxious rising high school seniors, I could no less blame them; I am them.

But I am not sure that is what I want for myself anymore. I want more out of my life than being stress-addled. If every conversation must surround numbers, scores, Ivies- I can’t. If those are the people who go to these sort of schools, I can’t assure myself anymore that this is the path I want to take.

For what it’s worth, Harvard can’t make you happy. Which sucks for some people, because that is the first thing they need to learn after high school.


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